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Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events, but it doesn’t have to be.

Every move is given meticulous attention to detail. Our movers are professionals, and each one of our team members is trained in proper lifting, carrying, and loading techniques. This allows us to maximize the safety of your goods and our people while completing your move in the least amount of time.

  • Highly vetted movers
  • We care about quality and top-notch service
  • We value our customers and keeping their items safe and secure
  • Over 125 years of moving experience

Eyring Movers is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating and we are active members of the Ohio Association of Movers and the American Moving and Storage Association.

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Eyring Movers offers a complete range of services for your convenience

Our moving company is here to assist if you are thinking about hiring professional movers in Ohio. Eyring Movers has years of experience handling all kinds of challenging moving projects, including family and business relocations. If you need moving assistance, our business has the ideal solution for your upcoming move. With us, you can avoid the stressful moving process while saving time and money. View our list of moving services, then let us know how we can assist you with your move. List of services we provide:

Moving Process

How Eyring Movers Work

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Seat back and relax while our team of professional movers does the heavy lifting.

About Us

A Long Rich History

In 1897, the Eyring family started a business in Cleveland, Ohio moving, packing, shipping, and storing furniture and pianos with a horse-drawn wagon. Their customer base at the time was made up of people that were endeavoring to build businesses and develop the bustling Cleveland area into prominence at the turn of the 20th century.

From these humble beginnings, the Eyring family grew a sustainable business that would carry on for generations. Not only did they welcome the introduction of the automobile but were quick to adapt to changing transportation demands utilizing some of the first commercial trucks available.

Modern Movers

As technology enabled larger trucks, the roadways had to grow and improve, and so did the business. The company stayed committed to excellence in moving projects large and small, but was able to expand to include long distance moves while maintaining its commitment to servicing the local market.

about eyring movers

Our customers demand the best and we deliver.

Andy Passen

I suspect for most people, moving can be a highly stressful experience. It was for us, having to move our things in storage for three months while our new house was being built. Thank goodness for the great folks at Eyring. The way they handled our move at both ends including storing our furniture and countless boxes was professional and efficient from start to finish. Perhaps even more meaningful to us was the personal treatment we received from the crew that handled our move. These guys were terrific and definitely took much of our stress away. We give Eyring Movers our strongest recommendation.

Isabel D. Villanueva

I am more than happy to post this review about my experience with the entire Eyring Movers establishment. From end to end these people have customer service skills that shine and create an elevated customer experience during one of THE MOST stressful life events anyone experiences-moving your entire life in one day. Office staff member, Amanda, was my primary point of contact. She made reserving a date, taking inventory, follow up emails and phone calls in such a professional, kind, gracious and efficient manner that I did not worry one bit about being prioritized. Seamless and painless. Cheryl was amazing in her responsiveness to my phone calls and making time to ensure any communication on move in day was addressed promptly and professionally. White glove experience all around! Now for the team of movers who created the best move in experience for our family yet. And I have used Eyring about 4 times-that's how amazing they are. For this move we had 3 stops to make. A team led by Anthony O. that included Nate L., Trey B., Franciso S. and Max is who we spent our day with! Professional, kind, meticulous, patient, responsive, timely, and overrall experts in their fields. All of our belongings were handled with so much care. Work ethic on point and created such a positive environment while communicating with 7 of my family members. Never skipping a beat. Eyring Movers hit the mark with their entire team of people. Gold stars to each one of these people who I would look forward to working with again. ALSO-GOLD STAR TO EYRING MOVERS for honoring diversity in the workplace. We had the pleasure of working with a group of individuals who reflected different races and ethnicities. Are you moving? Call them, book them, support them and their team. Happy Holidays! Love and Health to all.

Hope Hayden

Trey, Mike, Shean, Dan, Max and Francisco were amazing and extremely efficient. I would definitely recommend this team. Great group of guys.

Rick Chiricosta

Eyring Movers did a great job for us. Made it easy to schedule, showed up right on time and the two members of the crew were very friendly and efficient and went out of their way to make the move of our furniture and other items very easy on us-the kind of service we were used to years ago but rarely see anymore (unfortunately). Highly recommended!

Deanna Reiter

We were very happy with the work or movers, Shean, Trey and Cisco, did for us. They were friendly and efficient. Most importantly they were awesome with my mom, who has Alzheimer’s and was moving to an assisted living facility. Overall it was a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end. Thank you!

Matthew Harrington

My moving team was incredible! They were quick, professional, and very friendly.

Danny DiSanto

Great service

Daniel McClelland

I've moved upwards of a dozen times in my life. Brian and his team are, bar none, the the most professional, moving company I’ve ever dealt with. Absolutely give them a call if you are considering moving.

Rebecca Dudt

This was my first time using professional movers, and it was amazing! I really appreciate everyone that I talked to throughout the process from start to finish- they made moving day easy! Dan and Mike were so friendly and fast, and I loved how careful they were to not only protect my furniture, but the effort to protect doors and walls from any scraping! I couldn't believe how quickly everything was done! I would give ten stars if I could 🙂

Reem Henderson

I can’t recommend Eyring Movers enough. Brian F., Brandon, Jamal, and Jon R. were so friendly, polite, respectful, and helpful. Amazing customer service and communication from start to finish. They made a very stressful move a pleasant experience. Thank you so much Eyring Movers!!!

Dawn Bailey

Corey Trey and Francisco were amazing! They were fast and efficient and some of the greatest people to know! They had me moved in fully and only took 2 hours to move my things from storage to my apartment! I'll definitely be asking for them when I need to move again! Great job guys! You all are rock stars!

GNTS Warehouse

The movers were efficient and professional. I'm impressed with this company's customer service. They went above expectation to assist with all of our requests.

Ben Solis

The team of Jeff, Shean, and Francisco were exceptional. I’m definitely requesting them for my next move in 2 weeks. All 3 were courteous, professional, and energetic. Overall the event was faster than expected, efficient, with high quality execution. Well done team..amazing!

Karen Magazzine

Having never used a moving company, this was my first and the BEST !!! The crew was amazing, funny, polite and professional. Worth the time and money ♥

Anna Gerber

Dan, Brian F., Mike and Anthony were an amazing moving team. They made move day seamless - extremely professional and accommodating. The whole experience with Eyring has been great. I would highly recommend if you are moving to consider Eyring!

Margie Klare

This is my second time using Eyring Movers. When my son left for college, I decided it was time to do some purging and consolidating. Today, Anthony and Jeff moved a second load to my storage unit. Can't say enough good things about this company. From initially contacting them to watching the empty truck pull away, the team is a pleasure to work with. They are friendly, polite, hard working and ever so considerate and respectful of your home and belongs.

Holly Gibson

My whole experience was fantastic! From scheduling to the actual move, everything was handled professionally and efficiently. Would definitely use them again.

Sheila Trauernicht

Cory and Brian delivered white glove service! Highly recommend! Arrived on time and made sure the furniture was where we wanted it.

Melissa Wymer

These guys were terrific! We had Dan, Brian F, Mike and Will. They were fast, efficient and so kind. I can’t say enough about how easy they made our move. We highly recommend Eyring Movers!

Judy Mooibroek

The crew worked really hard, we had zero damage through the whole move and they made it fun ! Highly recommend, crew of Jonathan, Brian and Corey were top notch!

Local Areas We Serve

High-quality moving services to customers in Northeast Ohio and across the US

You need a mover you can rely on. We promise to be a reliable partner throughout your moving journey and beyond! Why choose us?

  • Recommendations: Many of our new clients come from recommendations by friends and family. This proves that our quality of service is unbeaten, and we deliver every time.
  • Experience: Our team has been in the industry for over 100 years. We know how to handle any move, from residential to corporate ones. We are up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us.
  • Affordable pricing: We offer competitive pricing to ensure all clients get services that fit their budget perfectly. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality service without breaking the bank.

We provide services to our customers in Lorain, Cuyahoga and Erie counties, assisting with both local and long-distance moves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for me to clear out my drawers?

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If you are storing anything other than clothing in your drawers, we advise that it is removed. Ask yourself: will the drawer contents be able to withstand being moved around, and can my furniture bear any extra weight? When packing for moving day, keep in mind that dressers may need to be tilted or flipped on their side onto a dolly when navigating tight hallways and doorways; as such, items could slip out of drawers or, if too heavy, this could result in broken tracks. Desk drawers must all go into boxes, while vertical filing cabinets can remain full.

Are you able to take apart and reassemble furniture?

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Absolutely! We provide the majority of typical furniture, such as beds, tables, mirror dressers, and cribs, at no charge. However, some more intricate items like desk units, home gyms, and playgrounds may come with a slight additional cost.

Can you provide protection for floors and doorways?

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Yes! We make sure to use floor runners and door jamb protectors as long as safety permits. Additionally, we have Masonite on our trucks together with felt pads that you may purchase at an economical cost for hardwood floors.

Are you able to provide furniture arrangement service for my new home?

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Absolutely! We will ensure that you are ecstatic with the arrangement of your new abode’s furnishings before we leave. Before delivery, we often take a stroll with you to determine how exactly you would like for us to set up each room. If possible, organizing this ahead of time can conserve plenty of time and avert any chaos.

What if it starts raining?

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Despite the likelihood of rain, we will still endeavor to complete your move. It may take a bit more time than originally planned due to adverse weather conditions, but the furniture and boxes are all padded during transport, so they’ll be well-protected from light precipitation. If it starts raining heavily, special pads are used for added coverage while our movers work outdoors. One or two workers typically stay inside with clean feet when this occurs; however, if it rains too intensely, then operations must pause until things clear up again.

How can I keep the cost of my move down?

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Start prepping for the movers now. Utilize an efficient system as you pack to reduce stress and have everything ready before they arrive. Remove all obstacles from your home entrance, such as vehicles and clutter, to allow the moving van enough space to park safely. An added bonus is that packing your own items can result in considerable savings! If you’re thinking of relocating locally, why not consider packing all the non-breakables yourself and leaving furniture assembly and breakable items to us? Not only will this save on your budget, but if you also disconnect and reconnect any appliances before we arrive, that could get rid of an appliance fee too. Moving your boxes or smaller objects can allow for additional savings as well!

Should I tip the movers?

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Our service industry thrives on appreciation – when you’re happy with our services, we believe it’s only right to show gratitude for the hard work of our employees. We train them to be diligent and attentive during every move, so any tokens of appreciation are always welcome! Your satisfaction is paramount; after all, that’s why our team works so tirelessly in order to make your transition as stress-free as possible.

How do you determine the cost of a move?

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When considering the total cost of your move, there are a few primary factors to consider: estimated or exact weight of shipment and distance traveled. However, other elements such as stairs, extended carries, elevators for high-rise buildings and services that require specific timing can increase the overall price tag of your relocation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

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We accept all major payment methods, including Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Certified Bank Checks. Moreover, if your move is local to the state of Ohio, we also permit Personal Checks as a form of payment.

How do I know I’m getting everything back from storage?

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Before loading your shipment, we will meticulously record a comprehensive inventory with tags and an itemized list of every box, furniture piece, etc., that we are handling. You’ll obtain a copy of this document for your records. At the time when our team delivers your items from storage to you, you can personally verify each item as it comes off the truck – providing added assurance that all pieces have arrived safely and exactly according to plan!

Will I have recurring access to my items while in storage?

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No, our storage type is classified as warehouse storage – a different entity to mini-storage. As we are not designed for customers coming and going regularly, access to your items requires an appointment with 48 hours’ notice plus a minimal fee. Although it’s possible to gain entry in this way, if you need regular access, then selecting mini-storage might be more suitable for your requirements.

How long can I store with Eyring movers?

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At our facility, you don’t have to commit for a certain amount of time. We’re content with whatever duration works best for your needs – be it one week or five years!

How much do you charge for storage?

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The cost of storage is determined by the volume of vaults used and the weight, or estimated weight upon visual inspection. Unlike mini storages that bill according to square footage, our pricing system is different and offers more value for money. To ensure uninterrupted services are provided, we require customers to set up automatic payments either via credit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House). Charges will be run on the first working day of each month, and billing cycles last over 30 days intervals rather than rolling 30 days cycles.

What makes professional movers a good choice?

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The stress of moving will be reduced, and it will be simpler and safer overall if you hire a professional mover. Moving can be physically and emotionally challenging and handling bulky or delicate items with care calls for specialized moving knowledge and experience. Similar to other occupations, moving requires specialized tools and experience to be done successfully.

Is moving labor the only cost I should expect?

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The majority of the moving cost is labor-related. However, you should also allocate resources for moving boxes, tape, and other packing supplies, as well as any additional valuation (also known as “insurance”) that may be required.

How precise will the moving estimate be?

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Our sales teams take great pride in offering the most precise moving estimates in the business thanks to their many years of experience. We work closely with each customer to fully understand his or her moving needs and to provide a moving estimate that takes these needs into account thanks to our unique sales system. At the time of the estimate, make sure to provide as much information as you can so we can get you an accurate estimate.

How can I minimize moving expenses?

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We advise setting up your move as far in advance as you can. The more time you have to choose a time and date that works for you, the more flexibility you will have with your move. As a general rule, get in touch with us no later than two weeks before the move date you want.

When is the best period to book my move?

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This choice ultimately depends on your personal requirements, finances, and preferences. Moving in the late fall, early winter, or early spring will probably save you money.

Because every family is different, so is every move.

Moving is not a "one size fits all" approach. We know that you need options that best match your needs and budget. You can select from our available services so that your unique needs are met.

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